St Francis Xavier College

Speech in Legislative Assembly

17 November 2011

Mr Speaker, I rise this evening to pay tribute to St Francis Xavier College in Florey. Founded in 1976, the school has gone from strength to strength. It has approximately 1,200 students enrolled in years 7 to 12. The school advocates living the truth, leading with courage and learning for life. Further to this, the mission at St Francis Xavier College is: we seek to be truthful and courageous people who nurture right relationships, value learning and celebrate Christ’s life-giving presence among us.

Good schools are not so by chance. It is through the commitment and dedication of the staff. Whilst there are many elements that contribute to the success of a school, it is the leadership, values and ethos, as demonstrated in the teachers and support staff, that make everything else possible. I commend the college principal, Mr Angus Tulley, for his dedication to the school community.

I pay tribute to the parents and friends association, which is an integral aspect of the school. In particular, I thank president, Stuart Bonner, vice-president, Paul Crowley, secretary, Ursula Jamieson, treasurer, Anne McKenna, and the APFACTS representative, Kirsten Wilkinson.

Last Friday, I was very pleased to attend the final assembly for the year 12 class of 2011. As part of that assembly, the leadership team for 2012 was formally welcomed by the outgoing college leaders. The incoming college captains for 2012 are Chloe Kelly and Nick Mahoney. Vice-captains are Courtney Bonner and Riley Catherill. The house captains for Dullugal house are Sarah McCluskey and Josh Buitendam; Gariwang house, Matia Ryan and Samuel Ryan Baker; the Irin Irin house, Hannah Woodford-Smith and Cameron McDonald; the Korilla house, Amy Webb and Elwyn Stannard; and Pindari house, Rachel Watson and Josh Commons. Specialist captains for SFX in 2012 include Jessica Barancewicz for liturgy and spirituality captain; the social justice captain is Allyse Sharp; the captain for arts and culture is Victoria Constable; and the sustainability and the environment captain is Daniel Kinnish.

I wish these students well in their year of leadership and pass on my congratulations to the outgoing year 12 cohort of 2011.