Radford College Art Show

Speech in the ACT Legislative Assembly

28 June 2011

Tonight I would like to put on the record my congratulations to Radford college and the celebration of their art show, the 27th annual art show, which was held on Friday, 3 June through Sunday, 5 June, the opening being on that Friday night. As I have said in this place before, I am a former Radford student, and tonight I wear my Radford tie in recognition of the good place that it is.

The art show is a feature in the Radford calendar and is very well attended by both the Radford community and those from further afield. It is a great opportunity for local and regional artists to display their work. That work includes woodwork, sculpture, jewellery, photography, ceramics, glass and paintings amongst other forms of art.

At the opening, Robyn Archer AO gave a very informative and entertaining address, and we heard from a number of the other organisers.

I would like to put on the record my thanks to Mr Phillip Heath for the work he did with the art show and more generally for the work he is doing as the principal of the college. His sincere, consultative and community-oriented approach to leading the school is reaping dividends. I very much congratulate him for all the work he is doing.

I would like to thank the sponsors of the art show. They include Leonie Lucey, Henry Ergas, the National Gallery of Australia, whitefox.com.au, the Aarwun Gallery and Capital Indoor Plant Hire Pty Ltd.

Radford have always had a very strong community involvement. The art show is certainly reflective of that involvement. There are many people whose names I would like to put on the record now to thank them for their role in making the 2011 show happen. It includes the student musicians, who are coordinated by Mrs Bronwyn Brown, and who include Naomi Kwong, Nicole Fung, Vivian Zhu, Naomi Nguyen, Laura Pham, Mia Di Bortoli, Erin, Liam and Aidan Pierlot.

There were the student cafe assistants, coordinated by Mrs Beth Girvan. On Friday night there were Emma Speldwinde, Sally Foster, Beth Stone, Kate Goodman, Sam Hartwig, Tinmay Yu, Alex Cardew-Hall, Meg Cole-Adams, Tiffany Westende, Isaac Dugdale and Brendan Wright. On Saturday and Sunday at the cafe, there were Jinhee Schneider, Alex Richards, Jess Nutt, Daniel Melloy, Kate Overton-Clarke, Lauren Farley, Sophie O’Dea, Courtney Streeter, Bridget Seberry, Jasmine Braybrooks, Isaac Dugdale, Tim Allen, Brendan Wright and Ben Hood.

The art show committee was coordinated by Hanna Baudert. Her committee included Shari Blumer, Fionna Granger, Tania Methorst, Berend Methorst, Ruth Kovacic, Poh Ling Lee, Marietta Brinkley, Sue Miller, Roza Passos Faunce, Helen Marsden, Susan Hall, Tracey Fitzgerald, Kate Potter, Lindy Armstrong, Jan Gatenby and Andy Peyton. Some of those people had multiple roles on the committee.

Finally, I mention the Radford College staff who supported the event: Robert Harris, Celia Lindsay, Rob Riley, Allan Pennicook, Allan Lee, Beth Girvan, Bronwyn Brown, Helen Swarbrick, IT staff and Jennie Currie.

I commend them all and thank them all for their wonderful work. We all look forward to the 28th art show in 2012.